River and Stream Continuity Project

River and Stream Continuity Partnership

In 2005, three of the organizations/agencies that were key players in initiating and implementing the project joined to create the River and Stream Continuity Partnership. Founding members of the Partnership include:

  • UMass Extension ( University of Massachusetts Amherst)
  • Massachusetts Riverways Program (MA Department of Fish and Game, now Division of Ecological Restoration)
  • The Nature Conservancy.

Members of the Partnership have made a commitment to the ongoing implementation of the River and Stream Continuity Project, including updates and revisions to the MA River and Stream Crossing Standards, coordination and implementation of volunteer assessments, management of the Continuity database, and projects to upgrade or replace substandard crossing structures.

Representatives of Partnership organizations as well as other agencies and organizations that have been providing input and advice to the project make up the River and Stream Continuity Advisory Committee.


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